Lifestyle Carnival 24th Edition

The 24th Edition of the Lifestyle Carnival was hosted at Blue Collar Workman. The first to submit in each category are hosted here as well. Head over to the full carnival to see all of the submissions. Remember to submit your post by visiting Blogger Carnivals.


eemusings @ NZ Muse writes How to plan a trip around the South Island of New Zealand – Handy hints for travel planning and a look at our budget.


Pauline @ Reach Financial Independence writes How much are you ready to give to your job? – Your job gives you many things, among them money. It also can require a lot of energy, drain you psychologically, or damage your health. How much are you ready to give?


Savvy Scot @ The Savvy Scot writes Economies and 12 Crazy Disney Facts you Never Knew – SavvyScot discusses the plans for the new theme park in the UK and reveals 12 crazy facts about Disney that you didn’t know.


Todd @ Financial Mentor writes The Smart Alternative To Retirement Planning – It’s so “old-skool” to work like a dog for 40 years scrimping and saving so you can retire and do nothing of substance for the remaining 30 years. The New Retirement….


Jenny @ Discount Coder writes Save money on marketing – DIY Twitter – Twitter can be an invaluable tool to any new business, but it can also be extremely expensive if you’re thinking of paying an outsider to help with your twitter marketing. This handy article looks at saving money by running your own twitter profile and just how to go about it.


Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents writes Sunday Meal Plan – We’ve been doing much better with our food spending! We only ate out once last week, which is major improvement over for how it usually is with us. What has been really helping is that I’ve been making new recipes for us to try.


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