Lifestyle Carnival 23rd Edition

The 23rd Edition of the Lifestyle Carnival was hosted at Making Sense of Cents. The first to submit in each category are hosted here as well. Head over to the full carnival to see all of the submissions. Remember to submit your post by visiting Blogger Carnivals.



Young @ Young And Thrifty writes Barkerville on a Budget – Barkerville is British Columbia’s Gold Rush Town. It’s located in the Cariboo region of British Columbia and the closest city is Quesnel. Back in the hey day, Barkerville was the largest town north of San Francisco and west of Chicago- by the mid 1860′s the town had a population of more than 5000 people.

Peter @ Bible Money Matters writes 10 Bible Verses about Contentment: How Can We Feel Contentment in a Restless World? – Many of us are trying to fill a void of some kind in our lives, and unfortunately we try to fill that void with things that can’t satisfy. We look to fill the void with possessions or money, but we only end up wanting more. We try to fill it with relationships or sex, but we end up feeling even more empty and depressed than when we started.

Pauline @ Reach Financial Independence writes Are you kidding me??? Grandpa wants an Iphone 5! – Did my hard working, frugal, 85 year-old grandpa just asked me if he should get an Iphone 5? Is Apple’s marketing that good? Should he really go for it?


James Petzke @ This Is Common Cents writes The Common Cents of the Latte Factor – The Latte Factor is an important thing for many people to take a look at in their lives.


Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Be Handy, Save Money! – Mr. LH can take things apart, oil, tighten, fix parts then put the object back together good as new. It has saved us a lot of money in terms of not having to replace fans, vacuums, and many of our appliances through the years.

Edward Antrobus @ If You Can Read, You Can Cook writes Mexican Pasta Salad: Recipe Sunday – Instead of eating a heavy, mayo-based pasta salad, try this Mexican cuisine inspired dish using salsa as the base instead.


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