Lifestyle Carnival 5th Edition

The 5th Edition of the Lifestyle Carnival was hosted at Organic Fashion Blog. The first four to submit are hosted here. Head over to the full carnival to see all of the submissions. Remember to submit your post by visiting Blogger Carnivals.

Melissa @ Mom’s Plans writes Our Adventures Picking Organic Strawberries and Making Homemade Jam - We saved $46.38 by making our own jam, and we have the added benefit of knowing exactly where our food came from and how it was prepared.

Prairie Eco Thrifter posts Benefits of the Great Outdoors saying “Why should you take time to be outside? Below are 6 reasons:”

Forest Parks @ Frugal Zeitgeist writes Lights, Camera, Extras: Becoming a Background Artist - This post looks at Forest’s experience working on TV and advertisements as an extra. He tells his story, looks at the pros and cons and how others can get into this line of work.

Brip Blap posts Top 10 Healthy and Frugal Foods saying “If you are concerned about your health and also concerned about your money, you’re often going to be concerned that the two appear to be in conflict. It’s tough to eat healthy on a budget (but the opposite isn’t true: it’s easy to eat horribly while spending a lot). There are heart-healthy foods anyone can eat that don’t cost a fortune. The trick is simple. Don’t eat processed foods, and eat smaller portions of the pricier foods.”

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